Schilling has the latest technology for designing the right trusses for your home or commercial buildings.  Jeff can draw out a structure according to your dimensions or you can bring in a blue-print for him to study and design trusses.  He can put this all together to create something really special for each and every owner.

While determining the truss roof will be the best choice for the roof it is essential to match the compatibility of the roof type with the truss.  Truss  does not support all kinds of roofs there are  highly suitable for the roof types which are flat, saddle or single pitch.  It is average suitable for a hipped roof as well but it is not very compatible for pyramid roofs.  Jeff can help you determine the style, span and the pitch of the truss.  With the latest technology you can actually see the picture of your truss and changes can be made according.  Call or stop in and talk to Jeff today.


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