TRUSSES: Utilizing the latest computer technology, Schilling Truss has skilled Truss Designer have the experience and knowledge to map out the optimum truss system for your roof, ensuring the strongest, most cost-effective means of completing your project. We use state-of-the-art technology to ensure your trusses are built quickly and accurately.  Roof trusses can be engineered for all types of structures. Contact us today for size, overhang, pitch. 

LUMBER:  Schilling Truss is your destination for quality dimensional/treated lumber, plywood, LVL, OSB, Yellow and White Pine.  We are ready to be your supplier with the products and services you need to efficiently and successfully complete.  Our products are chosen based on quality assurances from vendors and go through an inspection upon arrival to ensure our customers are receiving the best quality.

FLOOR SYSTEMS:  I-Joist are developed to provide the strength and stability that you floor needs.   Installing I-Joists saves construction time, which saves you money. Plus, as an engineered product, I-Joists have qualities like strength and consistency that make it an easy choice over traditional lumber.

ROOFING MATERIALS:  Schilling Truss carries all the materials to complete your metal and shingle roof. 

DECKING:  Schilling Truss carries a complete line of decking and railing products to supply your needs from wood to composite decking.  Your deck will add a whole new feature to your home where you can enjoy barbecues with family and friends, or relax outside on a warm, sunny day.  Not to mention the addition of a deck increases the value of a home substantially without a giant monetary or time investment.   Composite decking has become more popular over the years because of its beauty and easy maintenance.   

WINDOWS/DOORS:  Whether you are looking for a plain flush interior door or an elaborately designed entry door to garner curb appeal, check out our showrooms for a sampling of the quality options offered by Schilling Truss.  We have exterior/interior, garage doors, replacement or new construction windows, sliding glass doors to compliment the style of a home.  We offer a variety of window types including casement, double hung bay, skylights, awning and gliding with a variety of options in color and finish.  Visit our showroom to check out our Window displays and meet with a sales associate to discuss the brands we support.

SIDING:  Schilling Truss has a variety of vinyl, cement or decorative stone siding.  Choosing the right style and color may be the most important decision of a homeowner because it make for the aesthetic of their home.  Siding creates the façade of the house or building and gives way to building the life within the home as well as out.

INSULATION:  Energy efficiency is an important function of a home.  Reducing a home’s utility bills, stabilizing home temperature translates into added value home buyers.  Schilling carries complete line of insulation, bubble wrap, house wrap, window/door seals, and weather stripping.   

HARDWARE: Schilling truss has a complete line of nails, screws, joist hangers, concrete, rebar, remesh sheets, caulking and much more for all of our remodeling, new construction or a simple project. 

SOFFITT:  Schilling Truss carries both solid/vented in both vinyl and aluminum products.  If you need a special color, we can special order your request.


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